17 August 2016
Inauguration of Student Life Department
Inauguration of Student Life Department
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             Coinciding with the 71st Independence Day of Indonesia, the Student Life Department held an inauguration, dedicated to the entire student organizations and student activity units under their supervisions. This event took place after the flag ceremony on August 17, 2016, which was followed by more than 150 students. The aim of the inauguration, which was attended by the Rector of UPH, Jonathan L. Parapak and also the Vice President 3, Albert Mitchell Moore, is to induct the regeneration of the organization members in UPH. Each of the chairman and vice chairman of student activity units will be called specifically to be appointed as a representative of the overall stewardship. Different from the Student Activity Unit, Student Organizations such as MPM, BEM, and Mentoring, involve all members of the student organization. This process ends with the photo session and suave with all members