25 February 2016
God's Beautiful Design
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25th February 2016, Student Life Department held a seminar with the theme of "God's Beautiful Design: A seminar on sex and sexuality as reponse to LGBT" at Grand Chapel. The speaker of this seminar in Dr. Andik Wijaya, M.RepMed., founder of YADA Institute. There was 1700 participants from students, lecturers, staffs, and leaders of UPH.
On this occassion, Dr. Andik explained about the background of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), clarified the myth of LGBT from the genetic side, neurology, or endocrine hormones. He also explained abouth three main factors that cause sexual disorder are pscychology, social learning, and spirituality.
At the end of the presentation, Dr. Andik invited all students who attended the semonar to declare and commit to understand God's plan on sex and sexuality based on the truth of God's words. This is done in order for students to be aware of the ideologies behind LGBT movement and to make the right decisions about their life, also to be a role model for their friends. (Gladys)