18 October 2016
School & University Mandarin Competition


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           Mandarin Study Group or Meng's Club, held "School & University Mandarin Competition" on 18-19 October 2016 located in building D-501 Universitas Pelita Harapan. The event was attended by 23 students from 11 different schools from Banten and Jakarta and 17 students from six different universities. The aim is to introduce Meng's Club as the active Student Activity Unit to UPH students and others universities, to develop the students’ potential in Chinese language, and to encourage UPH and outside student to be more active in participating such competition, especially in mandarin. There are three categories in this competition, Story Telling, Singing, and Write an Essay. The winner of this competition are Verlyn Florencia (1st) and Gabriella Monique (2nd ) for Highschool Singing Competition, Louisius Junriari Yulliana (1st ) and Jessica Wijaya (2nd ) for University Singing Competition. Audrey Theodora (1st ) and Amanda (2nd ) for Highschool Story Telling Competition, Yulliana (1st ) and Nikki Abriani (2nd ) for University Story Telling Competition. Sanny Witoyo (1st ) and Vincent Tjoe (2nd ) for Highschool Write an Essay Competition and Cin Cin (1st ) and Shindy Lie (2nd ) for the university category.