20 October 2016
Aspiration Week 2016

       Aspiration Week 2016 is an annual event organized by the Student Representative Board (MPM) that held twice, namely at the Main Campus (October 17th- 19th) and the Faculty of Medicine (October 20th to 21st). This event begins with a Grand Opening on October 17, which was attended by Ms. Maria Natalia as Manager of Student Stewardship, followed by opening the booth at Canopy Building B and at Lobby F Building, and 2nd floor Lounge GLFK in the Faculty of Medicine by members of MPM. The goal of this event is mainly to accommodate students to be able to convey their aspirations directly. All students can immediately take the aspiration form in the nearest booth and write their aspirations, followed by name, NIM, mobile phone number or e-mail as a valid sign of these aspirations. The type of aspirations can be related to the student’s life in campus, such as academic/non-academic, infrastructure and facilities, or suggestions to the Student Executive Board (BEM).