06 March 2017

UPH's Mindful Investment in a Christ-Centered Leadership for Their Student Leaders


Cornerstone Initiative (CSI), a leadership training that was designed as foundation of leadership for UPH student. CSI that was held on February 10th-11th, 2017 was unique since CSI focused in bringing participants to understand the importance of Christ-Centered Leadership.

CSI was packed with 3 main events: sessions, team building and mentorship. Sessions were tailored based on Christ-Centered Leadership perspective: Christ-Centered Leadership; Shepherd, Servant and Steward Leadership; Cultural and Gospel Mandate. These topics were brought by the experts in each field: Mr. Andy Lee, Mr. Andry Panjaitan and Mr. Albert Mitchell Moore.

         Adjusting to the learning style of young leaders, CSI was not only providing materials through the session, but there were also team building. The participants also received guidance from 40 mentors from various study programs and had experienced leading organizations / events at UPH thus supporting the growth of each of the participants to be ready to be future leader. Besides these events, sport activity was also conducted and instructed by Mr. Stephen L. Metcalfe to inspire participants to be more discipline.

With CSI, the participants are expected to understand the foundation of leadership that focuses on Christ and ready to become the future leaders wherever they are.


“Cornerstone resonates well with our practical life.

It reached out from deepest conscience in which our leadership souls long for: source of strength to carry vast amount of responsibilities.

Christ, our savior, never left us all alone in the very first place.

Through every circumstance, He'll always be our comfort and our true north.”

Christian S. Jaya, Head of Committee of Cornerstone Initiative


CSI event is not over yet. The entire committee invites every students join the After Party - Cornerstone Initiative, which will be held every Saturday at 5 am on Basketball Court UPH. Leadership and discipline is not formed only by 1 night, and the committee hoped that through this long term program, student leaders could achieve a more Christ-like character.    


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