07 August 2017
BEM UPH Encourages Young Generation to talk about Creative Economy through SLG 2017
The SLG is an annual event of BEM UPH, which now has been held for the second time, which aims to gather and open a discussion forum between Student Boards among Universities around Jabodetabek
(third from left-right) Andry M. Panjaitan, Director of Student Life UPH as moderator; Dr. Jerry Sambuaga, Lecturer and Public Policy Design expert; Reza Sadha, Youtuber (as Creative Economy Industry actor), and Wibawanto Nugroho, Defense Economist; Curtis Jay Taylor, ViceRectors of Student Affairs; and a representative of BEM UPH

Once again, the External Relation Division of UPH Student Board (BEM UPH) held the SLG or Student Leaders Gathering on May 20, 2017, at the Multipurpose Hall, UPH Karawaci. The SLG is an annual event of BEM UPH, which now has been held for the second time, which aims to gather and open a discussion forum between Student Boards among Universities around Jabodetabek. This year’s SLG took the theme ‘Student’s Strategic Role in Developing Creative Economy’, with three key speakers for the public lecture; they were Wibawanto Nugroho, Defense Economist; Dr. Jerry Sambuaga, as Lecturer and Public Policy Design Expert; and Reza Sadha, a YouTuber, and creative industry practitioner.


According to Adiputra Kaban, UPH International Relation (2015) student, who was also the head of SLG 2017 committee, the theme of this year’s SLG was chosen to broaden these young people’s insights, in order for them to be impactful for the society in their respective areas of expertise.



“We have to be able to give impact through our own areas of expertise, becoming the agent of change for a better future. Through this event, our final goal is to collect our aspiration as a representation of students from various universities. Later on, we will attempt to voice this aspiration to the government, with the hope that they may hear us, and somehow, support us in developing the creative economy in Indonesia,” said Adi




Adi also added the three main goals of this program; the first one is to broaden the insight of young people about the current condition in our nation, and to encourage students to be more impactful for their society. Secondly, a means for networking between students all over Jabodetabek area; and lastly, as a means to gather aspiration regarding the creative economy, and hopefully, a guideline and matter which could be taken to the government’s consideration in creating a regulation. Previously, SLG  was held on March 2016 and was talking about the revision of the constitution of KPK.
Upon welcoming this event, Curtis Jay Taylor, Vice Rector of Student Affairs, is very proud of the committee’s great spirits in organizing an event which fits the vision of UPH. 


“I hope that everything which has been delivered could give all of you, greater insights on the creative economy so that students are able to respond correctly based on true knowledge, faith, and the Godly character. At the end, with all the effort which has been done by BEM UPH, I hope that UPH will be able to produce transformative and impactful graduates,” Curtis explained. 


Furthermore, a government’s representative,  Indra G. Gumelar, Manager of Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of Local Government Bodies of Cikokol, was also present in this event. As a representative of a local government bodies which handle taxes, he  hopes that the young generation will always obey tax. Aside from that, he also stated that UPH alumni have made many proud, as he mentioned Andika Hazrumy, alumni of UPH International Relation, who now is the Vice Governor of Banten.


“I believe that all of you will become great future leaders, who are able to make breakthroughs for the nation,” said Indra.

The public lecture, which was brought by three key speakers, was attended by approximately 400 participants from members of UPH Student Board and UPH students, as well as representatives of 17 universities from several regions such as Jakarta, Bekasi, Medan, and many more. The event was continued with a panel discussion forum with all student leaders from representative universities. (mt)
Source: (www.uph.edu) UPH Media Relations