09 August 2017
Service Learning Community (SLC) Training 2017
Service Learning Community (SLC) Training is an annual event held by SLC to solidify and strengthen the current SLC Comittee for their office period.

The current SLC Committee 2017/2018


Service Learning Community (SLC) Training is an annual event held by SLC to solidify and strengthen the current SLC Comittee for their office period. This year, SLC Training 2017 held the theme of "Passing the Baton" that instills the imparting of knowledge and experience in the regeneration of the former SLC Committee (2016/2017) to the current SLC Committee (2017/2018), where the latter will continue the footsteps of the former in running the organization to develop and flourish it.


The former and current SLC Committee (2016/2017 & 2017/2018)


The SLC training was held on 14-15 of July 2017 at UPH as well as RW 05 Kelapa Dua (as the location for survey & service). This training involves the staffs of Student Life, UPH Alumni, the UPH Sport Department as well as citizens within the society, to fulfill the preparation and training for the current SLC Committee. The training consists of 10 sessions, as follows:


  • UPH Vision & Mission & Graduate Profile, SLC Profile
  • Community Development & Model Pembukaan Wilayah,Time Management
  • Tes Psikologi DISC & MBTI
  • Morning Exercise
  • Explanation on formulating Proposal and Audit/Budgeting Report
  • Servant Leadership
  • Survey & Service
  • Fellowship - BBQ


                                                  Training at UPH involving various seminars, workshops and activities


Survey & Service session


From the itinerary listed above, it is hoped that the current SLC Commitee which has completed the training will grasp the understanding of SLC's organizational structure, holds principles and virtues of SLC, as well as being equipped with the capability of leading with the widom and leadership skills they have been imparted with (in the field of each member's education, involvement to the organization, as well as the relations between one another). SLC training hopes to instill the faith and the deed that comes from it to the SLC Commitee, so as to mentally and physically prepare them to truly and efficiently serve the community. In addition, the BBQ session also serves to further strengthen the bonds of the current SLC Committee members so that they can lead and serve- working in together in harmony as a team.


SLC Training seeks to implement a process of growth that is gradually to develop and show the character to: serve wholeheartedly; and have the faith to take actions and do deeds; be a Servant Leader; unconditionally love and share in generousity; as well as to have patience. As such, on the 14th-15th of July 2017, SLC Training is the first step and milestone of such process of growth for the current SLC Committee, in hopes to shape them into great servant leaders who are grounded by faith to do the Lord's work in their service and leadership to the community.


Additional Photos of SLC Training 2017: