Vision and Mission of UPH



To be a Christ-centered department, built and developed on the foundation of true knowledge, faith in Christ, and Godly character.



 Student Profile:

Developing every UPH student's calling, character, potential and talent (competence), also sense of concern (compassion) with giving direction and support through mentorship, stewardship, and servant-leadership.



Student Life is here to serve, to guide and as a steward (Servant, Shepherd, & Steward) for every student.


Main Program:

Every program in Student Life is designed in a SMART way (Study, Maturity, Abstinence, Responsibility, and Talents). SMART is a belief that ourselves are the image of God who are:

            - Called to be a servant leader (calling)

            - Shaped by faith & true knowledge so that could reflect the Godly character spiritually, mentally,

            emotionally & action (character)

            - Equipped with potential and talent to be an intact professional (competence)

            - Sent to be a blessing for others (compassion)