Service Learning

Service Learning


Do you take courses that require Service Learning? If you do, this homepage will help you.

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a method of learning that connects the material and theories learned in the classroom to apply it into a real action in the form of community service. Thus, the process of teaching and learning at UPH campus is not only done in the classroom, but students also apply their knowledge outside the classroom, which is in the community.

The purpose of Service Learning?

Through Service Learning, students learn to give attention to the environment, solve the problems that occur in the community, develop communication skills and work together, negotiate and get a lot of other practical learning that will sharpen the interpersonal skills of the student.
Not only that, through Service Learning students are trained through their sensitivity towards the environment and society, are required to have a love for others, as well as critical thinking in order to answer the needs and challenges that exist in society. 
Thus, the learning objectives of the courses can be achieved maximally, holistic education system can be fulfilled, as well to provide a positive impact to the community.
How do I do the Service Learning?

Things to remember!

Do you understand what should you do next?

Also consult with your lecturer for perspective that will be undertaken.

 DO : 
     1.  Bring the proposal which has been signed as a sign that your project is approved.

       2. Conducting a survey before making a proposal. When conducting a survey be sure to be polite, greets, and introduce  yourself.

       3. Reporting to the Community Service Learning and yayasan in case if there is a change of activities

       4. Make an honest self-reflection about what you learned from Student Life Community project relating to the subject of the course.

      5. Well-dressed and polite. (T-shirt, trousers, sneakers, and simple-dressed).

      6. Create project that relevant with the subjects’ materials.

      7. Contacting the PIC of yayasan before come to the place or the location

DON’T : 
1.   Manipulating project reports, events, finance, data, and others.
2.   Contacting the PIC yayasan some time before doing the project (sudden).
3.   Contacting the PIC yayasan outside working hours.
Here is some required things that you should submit to the Community Service Learning: 
1.   DVD (one) which include :
-Soft copy of the proposal
-Soft copy of the report (paper)
-Photos of the activities
-Videos of the activities
-The CSL Project Presentation (the DVD should contain the name of the group leader, the members name, the lecturer's name, the subject and the class schedule)
2.    Feedback form which has been filled and signed by the PIC of yayasan.
3.   Evaluation form which has been filled by students.
4.    Copy the final report ( paper which filled the members reflections).
5.    Copy the proposal which has been signed.
Proposal example

<Contoh Proposal Service Learning>

Report paper example
<Contoh Laporan Service Learning>

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