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UPH Mentoring can be described as a guiding, mentoring, and also as a community that growing at the same time. UPH Mentoring created for new students who leads by a Mentor.

Mentorship processes occur during the first semester, counted from new students orientation period (UPH Festival) with purposes:

  1. Refer to UPH vision and mission, which produce a competent and profesional leader, equipped with true knowledge, leads by faith in Christ, and Godly character.
  2. Facilitate new students in the process of adaptation so that they find relationship and community which growing with positive value at UPH.
  3. Giving an example and guiding new students in the aspects which related with academic area such as lectures process and connecting them with academic advisor.
  4. Giving an example and guiding new students in life-skills such as leadership, character, social life, and spirituality where all involved can immediately put into practice about what they have learnt, not just in the classroom.


Mentoring as a Lifestyle

Overall, UPH Mentoring activities can be summarized into a process of life giving, where Mentor is also familiar with the title "People Grower". Mentor will be an example for mentees who guided by mentor, not only academically but also non-academic.

The process of mentorship designed for a familial relationship long term, after which studentsfinish of the mentoring program for 1 year, they are still encouraged to take on the role. Mentor existing as a lifestyle, so that wherever they are, the principles of mentoring still be able to apply in life their daily life.

A mentor is not a perfect person who cannot make mistakes. A mentor is a person willing to give their time, energy, attention, and love to others. One of the main targets of mentoring is the growth of the character, which not only Mentee just growing, but also the Mentor itself. Therefore, each mentor will have a Chief Mentor who will guide them. Similarly, the Chief Mentor who has a Head Mentor who will faithfully support them as a family.


Requirements to Become a Mentor review:


Have a heart and call for a review Give And Serve.

Having ATTITUDE Life and Character That can be Becoming Example.


  1. Never get warning letters.
  2. Having a good academic competence (GPA ≥ ≥ 2.75), or get recommendation from Head of Department / Academic Advisors.
  3. Willing to take a series Selection Process (PERMEN), Start of completion of form until on Mentor Training.
  4. Having experience as a Mentor UPH candidate for Chief Mentor, and has experience as a Chief Mentor UPH candidate for Chief Mentor.
  5. Having experience as a Mentor UPH for candidates Chief Mentor, and has experience as a Chief Mentor UPH candidate for Chief Mentor.

Mentor Profile

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Kontak Kami

Media | Head Mentor & Staff


Office: Student Life Office | UPH Main Campus Building B 308 | ext. 1212

          Mentoring Secretariat | UPH Main Campus Building B 305 | ext. 2304


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