This division has a unique responsibility, according to the name of its divisions, namely:


First, this division also served as Media Relations for the Department of Student Life, through the Student Life website and PARTNER (Parent's Electronic Newsletter). Each week, the division will update the news, reports, new rules, which will come agenda, relating to the organization and activities of students. The information will be formatted as articles, written news, photos or video. Every six months, the division will publish a special newsletter for UPH parents.

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Second, this Division has several important roles in supporting and organizing several major events in the FMU that are directly related to students, namely:


  • Graduation:

Conducted twice a year. This is the most historic moment for each student as the culmination and recognition after years of struggle in learning on campus. For this important occasion, the Division will be fully supported by all teams student life, and supported by the chosen faculty. We hope this cooperation will bring joy memorable and meaningful graduation day.

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  •  Independence Day.

A flag raising ceremony conducted for the entire UPHimg_7382.jpg


  • UPH Festival

A year's biggest event in UPH. Along with UPH welcoming new students, the festival is also a reminder to everyone in the FMU, about how remarkable has embraced the love of Christ, faithfulness from generation to generation, through education.

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